Remember Ravette…

… From my post here?

Here’s a video about her time on board the ship.




4 thoughts on “Remember Ravette…

  1. She reminds me of my colleague’s daughter. She also used to be in that condition but she just recently went under surgery. She’s also a sweet child and her name is Svet, rhymes with Ravette. :) Sometimes children like them can really be an inspiration because of their positive attitudes. :)

    • Isn’t that the truth. I think working for mercy ships has been a huge blessing to me because the kids remind me that no matter what condition you have to live in you can still be happy.

      How is your friend’s daughter doing?

      • Actually, I haven’t seen her personally in two years because I’m not working in that school anymore but because of Facebook, I can see she’s better now. :) The surgery was really necessary because the bones on her hip I think was starting to hurt her. I also heard she loves dancing. :) I hope she can enjoy dancing more now that she has a better leg!

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