On Listening to the Spirit

I recently discovered that I can market my artwork. I have sold several paintings since my divorce, and this gift has been my provision during this season. I don’t think anyone is meant to go through half the things that have happened to me in my short 27 years on Earth, I DO think that if we listen for guidance, we will hear it, always in ways you would never expect…


On Divorce

Divorce is a disgusting thing. It destroys.

Having faith that the Lord can use anything for the good of those who love Him is the only thing that helps.

I’m not okay now, but I will be.

Rocks in My Pocket

Today is Easter Sunday.  Brian and I went to church, and sat by a woman and her little girl. Elizabeth, the little girl, liked everything that I liked, but wanted to hear none of the things that Brian liked.  She asked a million little questions, until her mom quietly shushed her.

We were given a tiny little pebble at the beginning of the service.  They were supposed to be representative of the harbored thoughts, sins, etc. that hinder us in our walk with Christ.  When we took Communion, we were supposed to lay them on the altar, but I forgot mine in my pocket.  It’s not often I wear a dress with pockets.

So as I was changing into my “regular” clothes after church today, and thinking how terrible my allergies are this year (seriously – I’ve NEVER had allergies before this year, and they kill), I found the pebble in my pocket.  I started thinking – If I really had a pebble for every sin, bad thought, grudge, or angry feeling I’ve ever had, I could probably own all the rocks on the planet.  So what makes this rock so special?

This pebble represents the thing that is a burden right now. If I pray for one problem that I have right now, and ask the Lord to take that away, then I can move on to the next.  And then the next.  It all starts with the first one.

So, what does this pebble represent for me? Considering it is six days until my anniversary, I think the pebble represents how I speak to Brian.  And how funny I thought it was that the little girl next to us didn’t care what he had to say.

I think her mom was trying to help me out when she answered the questions about who my favorite person was with “it’s probably her husband.”  And she’s right.


654 – Pebble Art. Photo Credit: Pshutterbug via Flickr

What does your pebble represent today?

Fasting. . . From Thoughts.

The Thinker - Dan McKay

Photo Credit: Dan McKay

Here’s a thought: have a month fast from thinking any critical thoughts.  The trick is to just not entertain the thought at all.  Just as soon as it enters your mind, push it out.

I’m starting…. today.  This is probably going to be a lot tougher than I think, but it will be good to get over being overly critical before I head to Congo.  

So, are you going to join me?