Worth a Look

On Literature/Reading Lists –

  • A Year of Reading the World – I like international literature.  This blog has a great reading list from 196 countries, and reviews and news regarding many of the selections.  Very enjoyable.
  • Kinna Reads – Home of the challenge I signed up for (2014 Africa Reading Challenge).  Plenty of reading lists and reviews of African Literature.

On Blogging/Writing –

  • Terribleminds – Chuck Wendig – This blog can be a little profane at times, but I find the tips and advice there helpful for writing.   He’s got a way of putting things – direct and to the point, and often humorous – that I find refreshing.

Mercy Shippers I read regularly –

  • KJ – every week she posts part of a list of 1000 gifts.  It reminds me to be thankful for the little stuff.
  • Erin – She’s just awesome, and sits right around the corner from me. She often gives me advice on stuff from marriage to writing to how to deal with stuff around the office.  (I try to do the same for her..)

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