And so, it begins…

I never really thought that I should write a blog about my life as a Christian person, in fact, most of the past several years were mostly spent trying NOT to talk about my life as a Christian – a lot of conflict comes with that.  So, I’m not going to use this blog to “preach at you” because, frankly, I’m not a preacher.

I am, however, going to share my journey with this awesome organization that I’m part of, and how it’s changing my life for the better.

I started working with Mercy Ships about 4 months ago, and just yesterday I realized that I’m here.  Yeah, I’ve been working here, and I’ve even started to dread the hour commute each way; so I have known that I’m here, but I mean I’m really here.

God brought me here, and met me where I was at at the time He called me. I’ll explain what I mean…

This is the first week of a major training class that Mercy Ships does for their long-term volunteers and employees.  Yesterday was the Personal Support Raising Seminar, which is how we, as missionaries, learn how to raise support – whether prayer, monetary, or otherwise.  It was kind of weird for me to be there, in a way, because Mercy Ships pays me, and the others raise their own support.

So, two things happened:

  1. I learned that God met Brian and I where we were at when he called me here.  He knew that our relationship would not have been okay with me raising money to work somewhere – who does that?!  I would have been okay with it, I think, but Brian definitely wouldn’t have been.  I get to say that because I’m the one writing this.
    I’m pretty sure He’s leading me to something much bigger, but He never gives us more than we can handle.  I believe that.
  1. I learned that I should read the entire word when I come across a hyphenated word in scripture.  I was reading Luke 8:1-3 for the class.  Apparently Mary Magdalene had MOR-mons possessing her, rather than DE-mons.  Auto-correct of the mind, a slip of the tongue, and I’ve become famous for a day.

Seriously, though.  Yesterday was inspirational, and I’m really starting to think that I can do this.  Sure, this organization is full of people, and we’re just that: people.  But we’re here for a purpose – and it’s a BIG deal.  I’m here.